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Lebanese Marriage Practices

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Lebanese marriage traditions have progressed over the years. Nevertheless , some of the traditional practices remain. For example , Lebanese https://www.wikihow.com/Find-Love brides are often times coiffed. Additionally, they wear flower crowns and bring bouquets.

In addition to the classic practices, there are certain philosophy and persuits associated with relationship in Lebanon. These can own a large impact on the future lives of a few.

First, ahead of a wedding, the couple must disclose their private information. This info can help a person estimate the future status of the couple. The couples then go through a pre-wedding get together. During this celebration, each relatives gives a gift to the wedding couple. Some gift ideas can come in money and others can be in earrings.

When needed of the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are escorted out of their homes by members of your family. At the same time, the bride’s relatives throws a party for the bride. That is comparable to a bachelorette get together. Guests also present funds and money earrings to the bride-to-be.


An alternative tradition is the katb al-kitab. During this Islamic wedding ceremony, the couple will get blessings using their company families.

Additionally , the cake slicing ceremony is a unique part of the reception. The cake is typically adorned in floral patterns. Many couples lower the cake with a etiqueta sword passed on from the groom’s family group.

Zaffe is another traditional ritual. The zaffe is a pre-wedding event that happens half a year to a day before the real wedding. Generally, the lebanese women characteristics bride and groom will be accompanied by ballroom dancers and musicians.

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