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Women against the meat-grinder: the Armenian women campaigning for peace

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She has also been selected by the Munich Security Conference as one of only 3 reporters worldwide to cover the conference in 2019. We need your support to help cheer up our residents during this unprecedented time. ‘There could be a new war, there could be ethnic cleansing, there could be a huge flow of refugees coming to Armenia from Nagorno-Karabakh’, Shushanna speculated. In Helsinki, Marina Danoyan, a peacebuilding practitioner, highlighted the psychological effect of war on people, describing it as a ‘collective trauma’ that potentially has the ability to discourage people from speaking up against it. Zaruhi says that the public trusted the government during the 44-Day War, as information from the front lines came directly from centres of authority in Armenia. To her, the sacrifices her family has made for ‘the cause’ provided her with the freedom to be vocal about peace, and though Anahit did not have any 2M2W ideological disagreements more on this theme at https://absolute-woman.com/asian-women/armenian-women/ with her husband, he was bothered by the amount of time she spent on the group.

  • DASARAN–cloud-based Educational Development System ranked by UNDP as one of the world’s top 5 social enterprises –with Deputy CEO, Rima Sargsyan–72 percent of employees are women.
  • Goal 3 of the MDGs to promote gender equality and empower women and eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary schooling, preferably by 2005 and no later than 2015.
  • After completing her primary education in Iran, she moved to Vienna with her family.
  • AWWA believes that honoring elders is at the very foundation of great family and great community.
  • After her passing in 1993, only 150 prints and a box of negatives were left as evidence of her contribution to the history of photography.

He is an angel investor and one of the Diasporan co-founders of the Armenian High-Tech Council of America , instrumental in attracting investments and acquisitions by such companies as Synopsys, National Instruments, Mentor Graphics, VMware among others. “Tech is the new culture in Armenia,” says Amalya Yeghoyan, executive director of Armenia’s second largest city, Gyumri IT Center and Project Manager at Enterprise Incubator Foundation where 70 percent of employees are women. A former Deputy Minister of IT, Yeghoyan previously managed the Gyumri Technology Center . GiniFest plans to host an international wine festival in November that represents producers from Greece, Israel, Bulgaria and other https://www.statista.com/topics/8298/internet-usage-in-cee/ regions that are often underrepresented in the U.S.

000-Year-Old Remains Of Badass Women Warriors Found In Armenian Cemetery

Her family hailed from the small town of Kütahya, Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey), which is known for its historical Armenian ceramic industry. Due to illness, Karapetyan gave up her performing activities in 2003 and dedicated her time to teaching the oud and classical guitar until the end of her short but fruitful life. Zabelle Boyajian was born on March 27, 1873 in Diyarbakir, Ottoman Empire, the daughter of Baron Thomas Boyajian, British Vice-Consul in Diyarbakir and Harput, and Catherine Rogers, a descendant of the English poet Samuel Rogers. She received her education in Armenian and English, while also learning Turkish, French and Italian. Although she did not receive the recognition she deserved, Madam Anahit is remembered as an indispensable part of Beyoğlu’s cultural heritage.

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I don’t hear the church talking about a behavior that is both criminal and inhuman. We don’t help the defenseless women with our silence, and it certainly does not give the correct message to young boys. After the law was passed, the visibility of the issue in political circles has been minor. Enforcement to build trust and behavioral education among the young men and women must be a priority. Our voices here in the diaspora are important also in support of women’s rights globally. Building a democracy starts with human rights with a foundation based on respect. It is worth noting that, after the Beijing Conference, the women’s organizations became more active, new ones were founded and several international organization including UNDP, USAID, OSCE initiated research on the topic.

We’ve received your email address, and soon you will start getting exclusive offers and news from Wine Enthusiast. AIWA build awareness and involvement through numerous channels, online and offline. In June 2005 the National Police created a Department on the Fight against Human Trafficking.

But what you may not know is that her full name is Cherilyn Sarkisian. Cher has a six-decade-long experience in her career where she has gotten the chance to impress the world with her distinctive voice and talent. She’s surely one of the Armenian female celebrities that has had an invaluable impact in her field. And she stood up for Armenia multiple times defending our country in times of international conflict. In the last 15 years, many Armenian female wine professionals have returned home after years abroad in Europe and the United States. Once a male-dominated industry, women now fill various roles in more than 100 Armenian wineries across five regions.

Starting with 10 wineries from Paso Robles, Argentina and Armenia, the 2022 festival now pours bottles from 40 wineries that draws more than 1,000 attendees. GiniFest not only promotes Armenian wine, but helped reintroduced it to the Armenian community abroad.

We are dedicated to serving elders locally and internationally through the sponsorship of elder service programs. Every day we are accused of ‘serving the enemy’ whoever that enemy may be. Unfortunately, we cannot run OC Media on love alone, journalism is expensive and funding is scarce. Our sole mission is to serve the interests of all peoples of the region. You can support us today for as little as $1 a month and join us in the fight for a better Caucasus. Yet she still maintains that first and foremost, dialogue is necessary. ‘Peace talks won’t lose their value, because peace would mean that people are no longer dying from armed conflicts, that there will be a political structure preventing the conflict from turning into war again’.

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